A Guide to Apply For ETA to Visit Australia

Australia ETA is for those visitors who have a passport from one of the countries as listed below.

Japan, Brunei, Darussalam, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Rep of (South) United States.

Applying for ETA

The ETA or Electronic travel authority can be applied only through the online process. It is simple and straightforward process and all that you need to keep handy are your passport, your credit card and you should mandatorily have an email id. There are companies through which you can apply for the ETA but make sure that you know the terms and conditions of the company.

The ETA is required for visa exemption to the foreign nationals who plan to travel to Australia. The ETA can be applied online anytime but it is recommended that you apply for it as soon as your travel plans are confirmed. The ETA has to be approved before you make an entry into Australia. The ETA gets connected to the passport automatically. Make sure that before you travel to Australia you have approved ETAS.

Conditions to apply

The following conditions should be kept in mind when applying for an ETA.

  • You can enter the country before the 12 months validity period expires and unlimited times or if your passport expires, the earlier of the two
  • The visa entitles you to a three month stay maximum on each of your visit
  • You cannot work in Australia or enjoy the employment rights
  • However you can study till the time your visa is valid
  • To get the visa you should not have tuberculosis
  • You also should be free from any criminal cases

The main aim for applying for the Australia visa is for tourism or for visiting family or friends or even for any business meeting. The person who is applying for the visa plans to stay for not more than 3 months and the person also do not have any Australian visa.