Australia ETA Is A Privilege Document, But You Can Lose This Privilege

Visa Australia is a paradise destination and most visitors have a dream to make a tourist trip to this country, but some people defer their plan due to visa issuing problems. This is because some people are not aware of visa-free entry into this country for short-term stay. The holders of a passport from Brunei – Darussalam, Canada, Hong Kong (SAR PRC), Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, and United States are eligible for visa-free entry into this country on an electronic document called Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). You don’t need Australian visa to issue this document.

Things to know for ETA applicant and ETA visitor

ETA is issued for specified purposes of your entry into the Australian land and you’re not allowed to do anything beyond that, else your further entry can be denied on the grounds of violation.

Visa Australia

Thus, few things are important to understand for individuals who have intent to apply for ETA or who are entering into Australian land on the basis of this document. If you have not applied for this document before, you must check your eligibility because citizens of every country don’t have this facility. If you have entered into the Australian land on your ETA, you should avoid violation of rules to avoid banning of your further entry, though ETA has a validation of 12 months. If you are an honest visitor, you can enjoy your travel to Australian land for long period.

Probable reasons for ETA denial

The Australia ETA document is rarely denied unlike visa document, but the violation of rules could be one of the reasons for denial when you further apply for ETA. The denial, if done, is usually due to incorrect details which is a common reason for denial. One of the reasons for denial could be any criminal conviction for which you might have been sentenced for a total combined period of 12 months or more. An individual suffering from tuberculosis has a chance of denial also.