Know Worth of Health savings Account as Saver & Spender

Financial planning is a broad aspect of planning and you make this because you want to make your future safe. Have you ever thought where substantial portion of your savings is wasted every year? You may not be aware but it is in healthcare costs because you usually never care for your health. This is a crucial issue but most unattended as an individual.

Why you buy health insurance plan

In United States health insurance is compulsory but you would still need to buy a health insurance plan if it couldn’t be mandatory. You know why? Because healthcare costs are too high in this country. If you think of avoiding health insurance plan from any service provider, you could be in trouble when medical needs arise because your expenses won’t be reimbursed in that situation. Spending on medical costs in this country is a horrible situation that may put you in lurch.

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HSA account is a great support

The federal government is very conscious about the situation and Medicare & Medicaid like facilities have been provided to US population. The Health Savings Account (HSA) is a good step in this direction. It is not your bank’s checking account but more like same savings account. HSA has two scenarios, HSA saver and has spender. As an HSA saver, you may have intention to grow your HSA account for expenses of the future such as healthcare expenses after retirement, then you would go about choosing an IRA or mutual fund provider. As an HSA spender, you may plan to have Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for spending your Health Savings Account (HSA) every year provided you should look the way to select your checking account.

Where to get answers to HSA queries

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