Sam Houston State University Ring Custom is the Envy of Many

Different educational institutions have different customs and the tradition of a custom engraved ring is quite famous. Sam Houston State University stands third in generation in Texas. The institution has gone through several transitions since April of 1879.

Names changes SHSU has gone through are a few as listed below:

  • Sam Houston Normal Institute in 1879.
  • Sam Houston State Teacher’s College in 1923.
  • Sam Houston State College in 1965.
  • Sam Houston State University in 1967.

This renowned institution is known for its criminal justice course. Apart from offering one of the best criminal justice courses, it also offers a professional golf management program.

The Tradition

The Sam Houston State University ring is engraved with the year 1879 with the graduation year of the student. The Austin Hall features on the opposite side of the ring body.  The heart houses the alphabets SH and a star, with the inside part, the word “Honour” is mentioned with great aplomb.

Sam Houston State University ring ceremony

The first ring ceremony was held in 2004. Before being awarded to the students or the graduate, the ring spends a night at the Sam Houston Memorial Museum. The vent is celebrated in front of students, alumni and faculty of this high grade institution.

SHSU Facts and Information

How did the Mascot come into existence? Many people ask this question.  The mascot being a Bear Cat is a kinkajou, a carnivore native to South America. It represents “toughness”.

The Bearkat camp is a 4-day training session, in which new joiners learn about the traditions of SHSU.

Bearkat Alley

This is a celebration during the football season and includes a variety of activities ranging from cooking contests to great prizes.

The Tree of Light – One of SHSU’s oldest ceremonies. The students pay homage to Sul, who was the president 1891-1898.

Sam Houston State University ring is the most sought after tradition in the States. And, students feel honoured to be presented with the same.