Significance of Texas Tech Traditions & Trivia

There are many schools and universities in Texas, United States and all have their alumni associations. These associations are very important from the perspective of alumni’s association with their alma mater. The alumni members who are on great levels also help their junior members in many ways. This is a unique family-like relationship outside the traditional family structure. The alumni itself is a big family of members who have graduated from the same institution regardless of the year in which they were graduated. This relationship is perpetual and every year, more members go on adding to this.

The ring with a value

Texas Tech alumni ring

Alumni associations are big groups and their traditions are also big. This is seen in the example of Texas Tech alumni ring tradition. This is a tradition of honoring a student of class or graduating student with a ring to be worn on a finger. The Texas Tech class ring is like a usual ring someone wears on his or her finger but it has a great value attached to it like an engagement ring. Every engraving and word on this ring carry a special sense which is inspiring and motivating. It takes its wearer to a new world of challenges and possesses him or her with a power to face these challenges with great courage.

Texas Tech traditions and trivia

The traditions and trivia of Texas Tech ring celebration are unique. Arbor Day reminds of campus construction when focus was made on buildings rather than on its aesthetic. The beautification was started in 1937 after which students and faculty members plant trees, bushes and flowers every year on Arbor Day for campus beautification. Victory Bells seen on the ring were received by Texas Tech as a gift in 1936 and were rang first time on Sept. 19, 1936 after defeating the Texas Wesleyan football team by Texas Tech team. The bells now ring after every athletic victory of Texas Tech.