Texas Tech Alumni rings are special and unique

Over the years the Texas Tech Alumni has brought a mind blowing change in the world of education and learning. A university that grew with just a small establishment and prestigious research institute in Texas has grown into an official identity which is now represented with Texas TTU class ring. With an inherent excellence on diversity, research and learning the university aims at making the student both graduate and undergraduate excel in 300+ courses registered with the university.

ttu class ring

Alumni rings for Texas Tech

The Texas Tech Alumni ring are made of several metals like yellow gold, white gold, Signet yellow gold, signet white gold etc. One each of the ring there is a signature TT emblem which signifies the Texas Tech name on the ring. On one shoulder of the ring there are bells which signify the victory contributed by the Administration of Texas tech while on the other shoulder is an eagle symbol that is perched on a book with a church and a star – all of which represents Texas. There is also a lamp that represents knowledge and a key that is a symbol to home.

Special TTU classs rings

Each of the ttu class ring is custom made in sense of purity, choice of metals and choice of diamonds on it. There is also place for a personalized inscription under the ‘Strive for Honor’ which acts as a identity for the Texas tech alumni ring.

There are also special Texas Tech class rings which are designed to suit the members of the Texas Tech Class and make them a special part of the big house of learning. Each of the ring stands unique with its own inscriptions and personalization. They act as a representative authority and a thing of honor for every that belongs to the Texas Tech Alumni.