What You All Should Know About the Abaya

Missabaya.com has a great collection of abayas, just for you. This cloak-like dress is making head turn on the runway. It is also referred to as the Aba. A simple, loose kaftan-like garment which is the pride of the Muslim fraternity is what the Abaya is all about.

Most of these clothing items are black in color, with a few color variations here and there. They will cover you from neck to foot. Indonesia Malaysia has a slight variation of the dress. It’s called Kebaya.

Countries like Indonesia, India, Arabia and Pakistan have Abaya-wearing-communities who are more into black. However, Turks wear colorful ones. These come in various materials like chiffon, crepe, georgette and a few more. Then, there are styles, closed ones, open ones, flared ones, butterfly and bridal.

Open Abaya – What Is It?

These are of various types, namely Alyssum, Black Lace Kimono, Crème Embellished, Dahlia Pompom and many more varieties.

The Crème Embellished Abaya is not entirely black-in-color. You can wear this for all occasions. It slims you down, instantly.  These are found in 5 different sizes that will suit most people. They are 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60. It can go upto 5 feet 8 inches, in terms of height.

Nowadays, you can get the abaya dress. There is a huge range of options available. You can even track your orders online. Free deliveries are offered for customers residing in UK. Orders placed on weekday are packed and delivered the same day. Orders which are received on weekends are dispatched on the next working day.

Deliveries across the World

Orders are shipped outside Europe as well.  However there is a standard charge of 19.95 pounds. They have very good returns policy as well. Returns are facilitated within 14 days of purchase of the products. So, you can just purchase online today and show off to your friends.